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Ignite Jamaica Fund enhances the educational experiences of children and youth in Jamaica and across the Jamaican Diaspora. We aim to overcome barriers that contribute to inequities that impact the academic growth and achievement of students. Ignite Jamaica is taking strides to ensure OUR children become future world leaders and ignite change in their communities.  We want to inspire generations to invest in the development of our future.



 Our organization strives to inspire youth through teaching them about their history, lineage, and ancestral greatness. Our organization is striving to change the narrative of the Afro-Caribbean community. Ignite Jamaica Fund is seeking donations to publish a children’s book. The main character of our children’s picture book is an inquisitive, ambitious, and bold 10 year old girl on a quest of self-discovery and self-actualization. She goes on an imaginative journey of finding her unique magic, by exploring Caribbean and diasporic history that has impacted the world. Once published copies of the children’s books will be given directly to classrooms in our established school partnerships. Proceeds from children’s books sold will go directly to impact initiatives.



Ignite Jamaica Fund is founded on the principle of giving to eliminate financial gaps and to build equitable educational opportunities. Our donors share the mission of education being the greatest gift we can grant future generations.


Change is necessary to spark growth in our communities and to advance social, political, and economic systems. In all societies current systems lack the growth of marginalized groups.


All children have the ability to become future world leaders. Ignite Jamaica Fund provides children and youth with the opportunity to develop skills needed to influence community systems to benefit them.


Kimisha Simpson, M.Ed., Founder

Kimisha Simpson has 10 years of experience in the field of education. As an educator Kimisha’s philosophy is to ensure children are provided with educational opportunities that equip them with skills required to become global leaders. Kimisha quickly realized her mission is to utilize her expertise to further develop communities that mean the most to her. Kimisha was born to Jamaican parents from the parish of Manchester. From an early age Kimisha knew she wanted to return to the island and improve the lives of those connected to her family's heritage and culture. Ignite Jamaica allows Kimisha to utilize her professional skill sets while achieving her dream of contributing to the prosperity of Jamaica, an island she loves.

The Philadelphia Tribune: Caribbean Currents: The Ignite Jamaica Fund shines light on children of the diaspora

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