impact plan

Goal 1: Sustainability

The Board of Directors will be established and sustained to ensure Ignite Jamaica Fund is able to broaden the scope of impact. Board members will strengthen the organization's connection with its beneficiaries and members through the personal involvement of board members. Responsibilities will be distributed among board members and subcommittees to streamline decision-making processes and to enhance efficiency. The goal is to create a framework that empowers younger generations to continue the mission of advancing their communities. 

Goal 2: Building Awareness  

Ignite Jamaica Fund will continue to develop a platform to disseminate information about the heritage, culture, and community happenings of those across the Jamaican Diaspora. Social media technologies will be leveraged to strengthen the organization’s media presence. Media platforms will cover a range of topics, from cultural preservation to entrepreneurial ventures, fostering a sense of community and shared identity. By strategically leveraging media technologies we strive to build a dynamic online platform to create a vibrant space for the Jamaican Diaspora that fosters connectivity, collaboration, and the celebration of shared heritage. 

Goal 3: Increase Fundraising Efforts and Donor Investment

Ignite Jamaica Fund will raise funds to enhance the educational experiences of children and youth in Jamaica and across the Jamaican Diaspora.  The organization will identify and explore various fundraising channels, including online platforms, events, and partnerships, to reach a broader audience. Fundraising efforts will be increased to gain capital for impact initiatives. Provide regular updates on how funds are utilized, demonstrating accountability, and fostering confidence in donor investment. The organization’s objective is to increase fundraising efforts that are sustainable and diversified ensuring long-term financial stability and support. 

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