impact plan


Goal 1: Sustainability

The Board of Directors will be established to ensure Ignite Jamaica is able to maintain awareness and to broaden the scope of impact. The organization strives for longevity and developing a framework for younger generations to continue advancement. 

Goal 2: Building Awareness  

Ignite Jamaica will continue to develop a platform to distribute information about the heritage, culture, and community happenings of those across the African diaspora. The organization aims to build a media presence for those across the diaspora to engage with one another, promote ventures, and develop a network.

Goal 3: Increase Fundraising Efforts and Donor Investment

Ignite Jamaica will raise funds to purchase tools and resources for children and youth from Caribbean and African diasporic descent. Grant writing opportunities will be sought out and attempted. Fundraising efforts will be increased to gain capital for impact initiatives.

Goal 4: Fundraising Product of Impact

Ignite Jamaica strives to change the narratives being told about Jamaican and Caribbean societies across the diaspora. The organization wants to tell the stories of the authentic experiences from the past, present, and future. Ignite Jamaica will develop a children’s book series that shares the hidden beauties of underrepresented Afro-Caribbean communities through the lens of those within the culture.

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